Adult Training Information

The adult training scheme is made up of modules. Training dates available across Essex are listed here.

For Manager and Supporter training in East of England, the training dates are listed here.

A number of modules are available with a workbook or on-line via e-learning.
To download a workbook or access the online training follow the links below.
For those wishing to do a module with e-learning you will find a useful how-to-guide on YouTube.

Getting Started

To be completed within 5 months of appointment.

Module NoModule TitleLearning Learning Method
Personal Learning Plan. Please speak with your training advisor and they will help you with which modules you need to complete.Training Adviser
01Essential Information.
Completion of his module can be validated online.
01EEssential Information for Executive Committee Members. (Mandatory module for all Exec members).
Completion of this module can be validated online
03Tools for the Job (Leaders).
Once you have completed this module it will need to be validated by a Training Advisor
04Tools for the Job (Manager)
Once you have completed this module it will need to be validated by a Training Advisor

Modules 1, 2 and either 3 or 4 are all Mandatory modules and should be completed within 5 months.

Training for All Appointments

Module NoModule TitleLearning Method
05The Fundamentals of ScoutingCourse
06 Changes in Scouting NOT DONECourse
07 Scouting for allCourse
11 AdministrationCourse
12ADelivering a Quality ProgrammeCourse

Section Leaders and Section Supporters

To be completed by all adults in Section Leader and Assistant Leader roles.

ModuleModule TitleLearning Method
08Skills of LeadershipCourse
09Working with adultsCourse
12BProgramme PlanningCourse
13Growing the Section (Leaders)Course
14Supporting Young PeopleCourse
15 Promoting Positive BehaviourCourse
16Introduction to Residential ExperiencesCourse
17Running Safe ActivitiesCourse
18Practical SkillsCourse

Managers and Supporters

Leadership and Management Training
The Leadership and Management Training is a part of the Wood Badge for Manager and Supporter roles. The learning for this training is divided into two areas:
Independent Learning
Skills Courses

Training Advisers and Local Training Managers

ModuleModule TitleLearning Method
25Assessing Learning
There is a workbook available however it is recommended that you attend the course. You will gain more of an insight in to assessing within the Scout Association from experienced trainers / advisers.

Supplementary Modules

Modules relevant to specific roles

ModuleModule TitleLearning Method
36Special NeedsCourse
37Advising on Adult Appointments.Course
38Skills for Residential Experiences
This is an additional ‘skills’ module which expands on Module 16, and also very useful to those seeking to become a Nights Away Adviser. This is a ‘practical skills’ weekend to get leaders thinking about ‘the OUT in Scouting’ and learn in a safe environment. The weekend give you an ideal opportunity to learn from experienced trainers/scouters and from other delegates attending. 

 Ongoing Training for all

Safety TrainingMandatory Module for all. The Scout Association’s ongoing safety training e-learning is an online alternative to face-to-face training.
SafeguardingMandatory Module for all. The Scout Association’s Safeguarding Awareness training is an online alternative to face-to-face training.
GDPRMandatory Module for all. The aim of this module is to provide all adults in Scouting with an understanding of what the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) means for them, their Scout Group, District and County and how to effectively align with it
First Aid (10)
This module aims to cover the skills and knowledge necessary to enable adults to manage an incident and provide basic first aid.